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Ottawa Antique Market
The Ottawa Antique Market offers you the best and broadest selection of antiques. Our 25 professional antique dealers share over 10,000 square feet of attractive retail space and represent antiques from every era and style.
1179 Bank St Ottawa Ontario zoom

Mostly Danish Furniture
Mostly Danish furniture is the only furniture store between Ottawa and the Atlantic specializing in Scandinavian designs in Teak, Oak, Cherry, Maple and Rosewood. We offer contemporary, vintage, Chinese antiques, rustic and outdoor.
1244 Wellington St Ottawa Ontario zoom

Cohen & Cohen Re-Use Store
The Cohen & Cohen Re-Use store carries a dynamic selection of used products ranging from architectural antiques to nuts and bolts. Some items are always in stock, while antique and collectible items are constantly changing.
92 Bentley Ave Ottawa Ontario zoom

The Astrolabe Gallery
Established in 1969, the Astrolabe Gallery has been supplying antique maps and prints to collectors and institutions world wide. In addition to the prints listed on this site, we also stock illuminated manuscripts, paintings, water colours, and drawings.
71 Sparks St Ottawa Ontario zoom

D. Johnson's Antiques
D. Johnson's Antiques is one of the best stocked shops in the area. The Johnsons have been in the antique and reproduction furniture business for 30 years and are actively involved in the repairing and finishing of the large selection of furniture.
4098 HWY-138 Cornwall Ontario zoom

FREE Ottawa Classifieds
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Adams and Cameron Insurance Brokers Ltd.
We offer most lines of general insurance including automobile, property and recreational for both personal and commercial risks. Providing consistent, and reliable service, that we pride ourselves on, from the values of being independent brokers.
120 Robertson Rd Ottawa Ontario zoom
(613) 238-4023

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WeAreNetwork has compiled millions of real local businesses around the U.S. and Canada. The local results in our featured cities are edited by humans so that you get more relevant results. For instance, one of our more popular cities is the famed Niagara Falls region of Canada which draws over 14 million visitors to the city annually. Niagara has renewed itself as a vacation destination in the last decade and now offers hundreds of Niagara attractions that run the gamut and a myriad of Niagara restaurants to satisfy visitors and residents alike. We've optimized the results so that you find the best that the region has to offer.

Maid of the Mist near Niagara Falls
Featured City: Ottawa
The city of Ottawa, Ontario is the capital of Canada and offers abundant activities for visitors and locals, year-round. Cool weather activities include taking a spin on the Rideau Canal Skateway, the world's largest skating rink or cross-country skiing in the park. The warm seasons bring people outdoors with music festivals, urban gatherings and sporting events. And, no matter the season, you can taste your way into the local culture with Ottawa's abundant dining options in a relaxed urban setting of distinctive neighbourhoods.

Rideau Canal near Parliament Buildings in Ottawa