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Rideau Centre
Rideau Centre is home to over 180 of the biggest names in retail. Our mall has all kinds of stores that sell footwear, furniture, electronics, TVs, appliances, mens wear, ladies fashion and many more stores.
50 Rideau St Ottawa Ontario zoom

Sparks Street Mall
Sparks Street is one of the areas most significant heritage streets. It was founded in the early 1800's by Nicholas Sparks, one of the City Fathers. Sparks Street Mall has become the thriving commercial centre for the valley with the mall at the center.
151 Sparks St Ottawa Ontario zoom

Carlingwood Shopping Centre
At Carlingwood Shopping Centre you will find all the mall shopping you need by visiting our large number of stores. Buy shoes, clothes, electronics, jewelery, appliances, music, and more. Visit us today and do your shopping in one spot.
2121 Carling Ave Ottawa Ontario zoom

Place D'Orleans
Place D'Orleans is more than a collection of fine stores and services. It is a regional shopping mall with a spectacular architectural design and wide sunlit aisles. We welcome you to a broad range of stores, specialty shops and services.
110 Place D'Orleans Dr Orleans Ontario zoom

St. Laurent Centre
Built in 1967, St. Laurent Centre is 971,000 square feet and two levels of the best shopping in the region. Our mall has stores that carry footwear, electronics, furniture, ladies and mens fashion, and more!
1200 St Laurent Blvd Ottawa Ontario zoom

Merivale Mall
At the Merivale Mall you will find all the mall shopping needs you have by visiting our large number of stores. Buy shoes, clothes, electronics, jewelery, appliances, antiques, and more. Visit us today and do your shopping in one spot.
1642 Merivale Rd Ottawa Ontario zoom

Billings Bridge Plaza
Billings Bridge Plaza has undergone many changes and has grown from its original size of 65,750 sq.ft to its current 450,000 sq.ft. Today Billings Bridge Plaza is proud to be celebrating 50 years of mall retail excellence in your community.
2277 Riverside Dr Ottawa Ontario zoom

Bayshore Shopping Centre
Bayshore Shopping Centre is an essential shopping destination in the area market. Its strong tenant mix and geographic location make it a dominant player in its region. Our mall's fashion and lifestyle merchant mix attracts more than 7.1 million people.
100 Bayshore Dr Ottawa Ontario zoom

ByWard Market Square
With over twenty merchants to serve you, ByWard Market Square is the ideal place to mall shop for a wide variety of items. From gourmet sandwiches to spicy Indian cuisine, ByWard Market Square has something for all tastes and budgets.
55 By Ward Market Ottawa Ontario zoom

Hazeldean Mall
The Hazeldean Mall and its merchants pride themselves on being the social heart of the community in the west-end. Our mall features Zellers, Your Independent Grocer and over forty stores and services that share their love for family and community.
300 Eagleson Rd Kanata Ontario zoom

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Featured City: Ottawa
The city of Ottawa, Ontario is the capital of Canada and offers abundant activities for visitors and locals, year-round. Cool weather activities include taking a spin on the Rideau Canal Skateway, the world's largest skating rink or cross-country skiing in the park. The warm seasons bring people outdoors with music festivals, urban gatherings and sporting events. And, no matter the season, you can taste your way into the local culture with Ottawa's abundant dining options in a relaxed urban setting of distinctive neighbourhoods.

Rideau Canal near Parliament Buildings in Ottawa